Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dolls! Rebecca, A Homeart Store Porcelain Doll

I was out op-shopping recently and came across this porcelain doll. She was very dusty and dirty and had cobwebs and a bit of light mould on the edge of her dress. You might be able to see the dust and dirt in the photo below where she is posing with my Ruby Red Galleria Bleuette doll. The little bear is sewn on to her dress and has a matching ribbon. I washed everything she is wearing in mild soapy water except for the shoes and hat. I almost didn't buy her because I thought she was a bit too expensive and maybe a bit too 'sugar and spice' sweet, so I put her back on the shelf and walked off. When I went up to the counter to buy some sewing patterns, I took another look at her and decided to buy her.

Before her clean-up

Here is a close up of her face after I washed her. I got most of the marks off.

This photo shows her body construction. She can only sit in this one position.

Homeart stores used to be called Copperart and sold a wide range of porcelain dolls which were made in China. There is a really good write up about the stores on Wikipedia. I don't think they sell the porcelain dolls anymore. They must have sold loads of them so I don't think their re-sale price is very high at all. I do think Rebecca is quite a good quality and well made example of a Homeart doll and now that I have cleaned her up, I really like her.


AudraBark1 said...

They make a very happy family picture! I'm sure the Bleuette is glad to have a friend and of course bears fit into any family.

Lizzie said...

They are all getting along very well together. Rebecca is very glad to be out of the op-shop. Lizzie.

Ruby Louiese Hill said...

How much is she worth because we have her

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