Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dolls! Sindy Then and Later

I bought this Sindy doll some time ago at a doll show.  I left her in the original handmade dress for years until I spied this little outfit at my local market last week.  How gorgeous is it!!  I have the pattern for the jacket, which was published when these dolls were popular, probably in the late 1960's.  The knitter of this jacket has used almost the same coloured wool as the  original one!  I am knitting a scarf at the moment, and when that is done, I am going to have a go at knitting up some of these vintage doll patterns.

She has the dearest softest and dewy face paint!  There is some ground in dirt on her chin, but I just don't want to scrub at it fiercely and remove the pigment.

I looked up a Sindy identification page on the internet, and I don't know much about these dolls, but I think she is the Frankenstein one from the odds and ends sent by Pedigree to New Zealand, according to the Petra Dolls Sindy Information Page
In other dolly news, I gave in recently, and bought a dolly from ebay in a mad greedy grabbing doll-buying rush, and then realised she is not what I thought she was, but I still quite like her.  She was sold as a 1980's doll and still has the lovely Sindy face.  According the the Petra Dolls site, she could even be from the late 1970's.  I really do not know, and if anyone reading this does and could throw some light on which Sindy she is, I would be most grateful.  She is wearing another one of the little outfits I bought from the market stall and a ridiculous wig over her shaved hair.  She was wearing one of the Styling outfits when I got her, which I have forgotten to take a photo of.  At the moment she is in the salon waiting for her hair to dry after a treatment to get it to sit a bit flatter and longer, but I don't like her chances!  She was originally a black haired doll but I think this honey blonde wig colour suits her.
Bad Hair Day!

If this mess doesn't flatten out a bit, I will try and see if I can get a reasonably priced replacement wig.  I will let you know of the outcome with her hair soon.

I was very lucky this week and got a porcelain Ashton Drake My Little Ballerina doll at the local op shop. She is very grimy, and I have not done anything with her yet, but I will show you all how she cleans up soon.

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