Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dolls! Dollikins Diabolicals

This is my Dollikins doll wearing the U2O Bride doll's new dress. She came with her own little oriental inspired outfit, but wanted to try U2O doll's new outfit on.  She has a pony tail hair-do, so the hat does not sit on her hair that well, but I couldn't talk her out of it.

Here she is wearing her original oriental inspired outfit.

Look at the fabulous fan print.

She has recently come back from a stay at the hospital. She didn't like the administrative procedures or the doctor (he was very brusque), but she has come back in one piece. Soon after I bought her, I sat her in my display cabinet to dry off after a bath, and when I went to take her out to put her outfit back on, she was in pieces. You can see the rubber band that perished in the photo below. Her hair was very dusty so I wiped it down, but I will be ordering some doll hair care products soon so I can clean it properly. I did wash her whole outfit in mild soapy water, and I got most of the stains out.

Here is oriental Dollikins sitting with my other Dollikins who is also wearing her original outfit of frilly nylon taffeta shirt and velveteen trousers.

For the history buffs, Dollikins dolls were made in America in the 1950's by the Uneeda company. They were made with hard plastic bodies and a vinyl head with 16 flexible joints. They were very popular in the 1950's.

Hope you enjoyed the Dollikins pictures!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dolls! An Idea for a Cloth Doll with Photo Transfer Face

Basic doll shape and vintage face photo examples

I have had this idea for a doll kicking around in my mind for some time. I want to make a doll with a definite waist, ballet slipper shaped feet and use feature fabrics on her torso, rather than make a completely separate outfit. I also wanted her to have a vintage olde world look. My visit to Mary's shop (well it's really called Drapers of Mount Macedon, but "Mary's Shop" rolls off the tongue much better) was as usual an inspiration. I found a selection of prints there called 'Etchings' from the Moda range. There are lots of florals and ones with old style script writing, old maps of Paris and architectural drawings.

I did some colour and trim story boards using a selection from my existing stash of trims. This one would use the map of Paris for her torso, and plain fabric for her face, legs and arms. The silk georgette fabric would make beautiful full sleeves and a full skirt.

This is a rough sketch of a green georgette and script print fabric outfit:

Here is another colour version with the script fabric for the bodice and the peach silk fabric for the legs.

This is my Russian Princess outfit with some Marabou feather boa for her hat.

This one looks like a gypsy, and would use some real cotton deep red velvet I got at the Cleggs remnants sale earlier this year.

I am waiting for the special photo transfer fabric to arrive, and I will have a go at drawing my own face, or finding some vintage faces to use. I have heard that you can also iron freezer paper on the back of the fabric before you feed it through the printer. My printer let out a horrendous shriek today when I was trying to change the ink cartridge today, so I hope it holds up.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dolls! Autumn Bead and Button Jointed Cloth Doll

I made this doll about 4 years ago, using the pattern from Making Cloth Dolls edited by Dorothea Hall.

It was my second go at making a cloth doll. I used a brown artists quality felt tip drawing pen to outline the facial features and some artists quality coloured pencils to fill in the lips and eyes. I had fun with the glitter on this doll's face too. Her hair is made up of wool, beads and paper flowers. There is also a little bit of needle sculpting at the corners of her eyes, mouth and nose.

This is the book that the pattern came from:

And here is their version:

She sits very well because of her bead joints, and was interesting to make.

Button jointed knees

 I would do another one, but I have so many different projects that I would like to try (bear making and crazy patchwork, to name a few), that I probably won't get to it for a while.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Butterick Peasant Top 4685 and the Grace Kelly Exhibition

This is my latest project; a peasant style top made up in Liberty Tana Lawn. I think the fabric name is Bailando Swenos. This photo is terrible - I tried taking it in two different locations, but turned out quite dark in both. The fabric is a dark kind of design, but there are some beautiful blue highlights which you can just make out in this photo:

This is a 'tried and true' pattern that I have made up twice already. I left out the lace around the neckline and just raised it about 1 inch. I just have the curved hem to finish.

Here is the front cover of the book they were selling at the Grace Kelly exhibition on at the Bendigo Art Gallery in regional Victoria which I went to this weekend. The exhibition was excellent, her clothes were breath taking and they were in excellent condition. They also had some of her jewellery, shoes, bags and hats on show. There was even a replica of her wedding dress. She appeared to maintain her petite size right up until her unfortunate early death. She must have loved silk as a lot of the outfits were made from it. If you are thinking of going, it is well worth attending in my opinion.

Here is the back cover:

Finally, I have a new follower this week; Lauren from Books Fashion and Tea. She writes a beautiful and thoughtful blog which you should check out.

I should have my Liberty top finished next week, and then I am planning to make the overalls for my 1940's teddy bear. Mum has nearly finished his jacket, so he will have a splendid outfit to make up for his sparse fur.
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