Monday, August 26, 2013

Dolls! 2007 Disney Mary Poppins from the Carousel Scene

It was auction day a couple of weeks ago, (a real live one instead of ebay) and I won this Mary Poppins doll. No-one really wanted her, but as you might know, I love Mary Poppins, and have the doll that I got from the stage play some years ago. My blogger is playing up so I can't link you to the Mary Poppins stories on this site, so just type her name in the 'search this blog' box at the top left of the screen.

Here is my other Mary Poppins doll from the stage show:

And some more views of the Mary Poppins from the auction. She is a Disney Mary Poppins, made in 2007 and they have made her look like Julie Andrews who played Mary Poppins in the famous movie. Even though she looks nothing like Barbie, this doll is part of the Barbie Collector Pink Label series. Not sure why they call her Barbie when she doesn't look anything like one. 

You  might not be able to see it, but the parrot head on her umbrella has a strange expression on it's face, as though it has been unwell or has a hang over after a few late nights out in a row.

The hat is turned up at the back:

 The back of the box shows photos from the carousel scene in the movie.

This is a close up of her dress from the movie:

Finally, a look at her from another angle, showing the carousel horse. She is a beautifull doll and I am glad that I won her.


Raine Crowe said...

Your Mary Poppins was quite a find. My daughter and I both love the movie, and I bought her that doll when it came out. Hers is unboxed, but we still have all the tiny parts. She is a lovely, nostalgic treasure. I'm glad you won her too!

Lizzie said...

Thanks Raine, she was a good find. I am always very tempted to unbox this kind of doll but then I think I would regret taking them out of their carefully composed scenes. I am glad you still have all the bits that came with your Mary and at least you got to inspect her up close.

AudraBark1 said...

Nice win, Lizzie! I don't think I could stand not to unbox a dolly once I got her. I'd want to take off her clothes, put them on, have her trade clothes with other dolls, etc.

The year the Julie Andrews Mary Poppins movie came out, we learned the songs from it at school. Every now and then they pop into my head.

Lizzie said...

Hi Audra, I am sorely tempted to unbox her but have resisted so far.

How lovely that you learned the songs at school. They are the kind of songs that would stick in your mind.

Ann said...

I would 'have' to unbox her! And make her some clothes. I've undressed all my dolls as I get them and keep the clothes in a box. I had to get rid of individual boxes, no storage room.

In profile her face is exactly like Julie Andrews.

Lizzie said...

I have resisted un- boxing her so far! I have so many dollies out of their boxes so she can stay in.

Yes, they did a good job of her likeness.

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