Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dolls! Ella Cloth Doll with Felt Clothing for Sale

Ella has had a touch-up to her make-up,

received a new felt hat,

And is now up for adoption on ebay and Etsy. I bought 4 (yes four) antique style dolls recently, with plans to make clothes for this type of doll for my online stores, so there is no room left for Ella (actually there was no room for the 4 reproduction antique dolls). Please adopt her!

She also got a pair of cotton bloomers.

Lazing around in the Autumn sunshine.

I am just finishing off a cream and pink with velveteen ribbon sash version of the 1950's Sweet Sue dress, and then I am moving on to ballerina dresses for 1950's girl dolls. This is a project that has been in the queue for a long time and I can't wait!

You can see Ella in my Etsy shop at the top of this blog page, and for the ebay auction, click here.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dolls! The U2O 1950's Bridal Doll Tries to Expand Her Wardrobe....Again

The U2O 1950's Bride doll can be seen here parading for the camera in an Agatha outfit for a Madame Alexander Jacqueline doll. These Jacqueline dolls were made in the 1960's, and were still being made in the 1980's when this outfit was released.

I initially bought the hat that goes with this outfit to cover up the hair of a poor Madame Alexander Cissy doll who was a little worse for wear. I ended up buying the dress in a separate auction on ebay so that I would have the matching outfit.

The U2O Bride doll will have to give this hat back to the Cissy doll soon, so she had better not get too fond of it. Perhaps I should make the U2O Bride doll her own outfit. Something else to add to the sewing queue!

I have got the felt to make my Ella doll's hat, so I will try and get to that soon. I have come down with the second cold in about 2 weeks, so not feeling up to much. Hope you are happily sewing though!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dolls! Reproduction 1950's Doll's Dress For Sale

I have just jumped on the Ebay band-wagon, offering this little outfit for sale. The one I made for my Sweet Sue looked so good, I thought I would try my luck on Ebay. Gotta find a use for all that fabric I've been buying!

I made it from 100% soft green floral cotton fabric, with a white 100% cotton voile ruffle trim on the hem.

Ribbon sash with attached paper flowers

Matching under - garments, and you can see my Lizzie's Arty Crafty label stiched into the seam.

The complete set up for auction:

Click here to go to the auction.

Wish me luck!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dolls! A New Wig for my 1950's Sweet Sue Walker Doll

My Sweet Sue walker doll finally has her new wig. It is a re-conditioned Saran wig from the 1950's which I got from Michele over at This Old Doll. She does a wonderful job; here is the back view:

I am still hoping that I can get some better eyes for her, so I have not glued the wig down yet, just in case. Here is Sweet Sue in the hat I made her:

By way of comparison, here is Sweet Sue with her acrylic wig. I kind of liked that wig, but the Saran one is much more appropriate for a doll from the 1950's.

Please take no notice of the unbuckled shoes in each of these photos. These shoes are gorgeous patent leather, but need the strap shortened to fit her ankle properly. I am going to some more doll shows soon, so I am hoping I might get something that fits her better. And of course This Old Doll makes shoes for these dolls (I have already had some made for some other 1950's dolls that I have, but more about that in another post).

I am looking into making an outfit for a 1950's fashion doll, so must go now to sort out the fabrics that I will use.

Happy Sewing!
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