Monday, April 2, 2012

Dolls! A New Wig for my 1950's Sweet Sue Walker Doll

My Sweet Sue walker doll finally has her new wig. It is a re-conditioned Saran wig from the 1950's which I got from Michele over at This Old Doll. She does a wonderful job; here is the back view:

I am still hoping that I can get some better eyes for her, so I have not glued the wig down yet, just in case. Here is Sweet Sue in the hat I made her:

By way of comparison, here is Sweet Sue with her acrylic wig. I kind of liked that wig, but the Saran one is much more appropriate for a doll from the 1950's.

Please take no notice of the unbuckled shoes in each of these photos. These shoes are gorgeous patent leather, but need the strap shortened to fit her ankle properly. I am going to some more doll shows soon, so I am hoping I might get something that fits her better. And of course This Old Doll makes shoes for these dolls (I have already had some made for some other 1950's dolls that I have, but more about that in another post).

I am looking into making an outfit for a 1950's fashion doll, so must go now to sort out the fabrics that I will use.

Happy Sewing!

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