Monday, January 28, 2013

Muumuu Style Top : Butterick 5356

When I looked at the pattern drawings for Butterick tops 5356, I did not immediately think Muumuu. But once I got up to attaching those frilled sleeves, I started to wonder if I had chosen the right style for me. Once I attached them and tried the top on, I thought that it was a very muumuu style, but what the heck I am going to wear it anyway. It will be lovely and cool on one of our Australian summer days.

Here are some more views:

Back View

I made the top in some cotton fabric I purchased from Clegs during one of their sales last year. It is a lovely quality except when I washed the fabric before making it up, I had to rinse it 5 times as the red dye ran like crazy. I have never in all my years of sewing and pre-washing fabric had something that ran as much as this stuff did.

This last photo shows the pattern cover and the fabric that I am planning to use to make up another version of the top. As this is a light Japanese voile bought during the Christmas sales at Spotlight, it might not look so Muumuu when I sew it up. As my sewing time is more limited than ever due to my further certificate IV studies for work, when I am pleased with how something works out, I like to make it up again straight away while the pattern pieces are out of the packet and the sewing steps are clear in my mind. I might try wearing this muumuu top first before I make it up again just to make sure the muumuu style suits me.

Thankyou to Bama for becoming a follower to my blog and leaving a comment. Bama has the most beautiful doll collection, so you really should go and have a look at her blog. Also, read about how she found her stray dog Pickle at a drive thru takeaway recently! It is a wonderful story of kindness.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dolls! Oops, I made my American Girl Doll into Holly Hobbie

I finished the hat and bloomers for my American Girl prairie outfit, and happened to turn her on her side, and thought that she looked very much like Holly Hobbie.

Holly Hobbie pose

Don't you love that bonnet?

It was an easy fun project to sew. Now I am working on some summer tops for myself - details to come soon.

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