Monday, September 26, 2011

Dolls! Hair for Ella & Cloth Doll Sewing Techniques

Here is Ella with her new hair. It came from a huge ball of acrylic wool, which was made in Romania.

For this pattern, some of the pieces are cut with the seam allowances included. The rest are traced onto the fabric, and then sewn on the traced line. After the piece is sewn, you cut out along the seam allowance. I guess this second method makes it easier when sewing fiddly shapes.

Trace, sew then cut method
Not sure how I will do the felt outfit, perhaps I will start with the dress that was provided with the pattern.

Here are a couple more shots of the entries in the doll show that I went to two weekends ago.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dolls! Face for my Ella Cloth Doll

This is the face that I painted for my Ella cloth doll (see a photo of Lynn Hyland's original design for Ella here). I have not managed to achieve a little girl look, so I might just leave out the peter pan collar on her felt dress and the bloomers. Perhaps when I sew the head on the body and do the hair, she might look like a little girl. Mmmm...

Here she is trying out the felt colours that I might use for her dress.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dolls! All the Fun of the Doll Show

I went to a doll show with my Mum on the weekend, and came away this this little beauty. The doll is a more modern style, 5 1/2 inches tall with mohair hair and painted porcelain shoes and socks. The outfit (dress, underwear, coat and hat) is a copy of a what looks like a French style from the 1800's. I got the doll at one stall and the outfit at another. Historically she is probably not the right doll for this clothing style, but I think she wears the outfit with flair.

A beautiful face

Just look at the hat!

I took this photo of some of the Doll Artisan Group's entries that had received awards in their various categories in the competition:

There was a lot of talent at this show, and I am glad that I went. I also managed to get a wig, shoes and socks for my vintage 1950's Sweet Sue doll that needs a bit of work to make her look her best.

I have been grabbing ten minutes here and half an hour there over the last 3 weeks, so there is some progress on my Ella doll; I just have to sew the arms and legs on and then stuff the head and paint the face.

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