Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dolls! Bratz Makeover Number 3

Here is Bratz dolly number three, she is one of the Op-Shop Five that I bought recently. To recap here is the original gang.  She is the second one from the right.

I did the usual thing of washing and conditioning her hair and then soaking it for a couple of hours in some water with a big dollop of fabric softner.  I also washed her clothes and she had a bath to try and remove some marks from her face and some on the back of her leg. I got the ones on her leg off but the ones on her face are stubborn and didn't quite come off.

Back view of messy hair
Now here she is post hair makeover and in a new outfit.  It wasn't made by me, just some left over Bratz clothing from an ebay doll lot I bid on recently.

Enjoying the spring weather, doing the gardening!

Backview of shiny hair after makeover

It's sunny outside!

Here are the two Bratz dolls from the Op-Shop Five that have had their makeover so far:

Now a word about that background they are standing on.  I have curtailed my fabric shopping quite well over the last couple of months but this was too much to resist when I was using a voucher in Lincraft recently. It is a cotton sateen with a little bit of stretch in it. I am thinking of making a jacket with it (for me). I had to lighten the photos a little so that you could see the hair on the dolls, so the fabric is slightly darker than it appears.
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