Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dolls! Gypsy Outfit for the 18 Inch Gals

I started this little outfit sometime in the second half of last year, and got hopelessly distracted by life!  Anyway, now it is all finished and I am sure the 18 inch girls are fighting to see who is the first to wear it.  So far the American Girl and the Alexander Girl (Favorite Friends) have been the first to try it on. Both outfits are in my Etsy and Ebay stores.
It consists of a 100 percent pure wool felt vest decorated with braid, fringing and a facet cut plastic bead.  Underneath is a snowy white peasant vest and a little sash to hold it in place.  The outfit wouldn't be finished without a head scarf and this one has some sequins to really set the gypsy mood.

Who is that scary gypsy lady in the background?
I thought I had cleaned up a very adorable 1980's plastic baby doll recently, but when she was all dry and had finished at the hairdressers, I noticed her skin was very dirty.  I read on the internet about baking soda being able to shift the more stubborn in-ground dirt on plastic dolls, and so I mixed some with some vinegar and scrubbed at it with a soft scourer sponge.  It worked a treat and she looks healthy and pink now instead of a dull colour.  I am cutting out the fabric to make her an A-line dress and co-ordinating bloomers.  She is such a funny doll because she is obviously a baby but has the hair of a 3 year old!  I can't wait to show you the photos.
Hope you are happy doing doll things!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dolls! Prairie Girl or Goldfields Girl and Flowers Pics

The modern 18 inch dolls had a bit of a photo shoot today.  Getting ready to list a few outfits that I have made in my online stores - Etsy and Ebay.
This is an 18 inch Alexander doll.  She photographs beautifully don't you think?  I can't remember which one she is and the box is too hard to find in the top of my wardrobe.
This is the American Girl doll doing her best Hollie Hobbie impersonation.
I have been doing a big clean out of my doll collection.  I had so many in boxes and storage that I couldn't enjoy them, so it was time for a big thin out.
I am finishing off a sweet little gypsy costume for an American Girl doll, so I will post pics of that too.
I really want an Australian Girl doll, but due to the combination of needing to save up for one and the model I want not being available until the end of the year, I will just have to wait.  Matilda is a lovely doll and is 2 inches taller than the American Girl dolls. I just can't understand why she would be out of production until the end of the year, but I guess I will have to be patient!

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