Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dolls! Dollikins Diabolicals

This is my Dollikins doll wearing the U2O Bride doll's new dress. She came with her own little oriental inspired outfit, but wanted to try U2O doll's new outfit on.  She has a pony tail hair-do, so the hat does not sit on her hair that well, but I couldn't talk her out of it.

Here she is wearing her original oriental inspired outfit.

Look at the fabulous fan print.

She has recently come back from a stay at the hospital. She didn't like the administrative procedures or the doctor (he was very brusque), but she has come back in one piece. Soon after I bought her, I sat her in my display cabinet to dry off after a bath, and when I went to take her out to put her outfit back on, she was in pieces. You can see the rubber band that perished in the photo below. Her hair was very dusty so I wiped it down, but I will be ordering some doll hair care products soon so I can clean it properly. I did wash her whole outfit in mild soapy water, and I got most of the stains out.

Here is oriental Dollikins sitting with my other Dollikins who is also wearing her original outfit of frilly nylon taffeta shirt and velveteen trousers.

For the history buffs, Dollikins dolls were made in America in the 1950's by the Uneeda company. They were made with hard plastic bodies and a vinyl head with 16 flexible joints. They were very popular in the 1950's.

Hope you enjoyed the Dollikins pictures!

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