Monday, March 19, 2012

Dolls! An Idea for a Cloth Doll with Photo Transfer Face

Basic doll shape and vintage face photo examples

I have had this idea for a doll kicking around in my mind for some time. I want to make a doll with a definite waist, ballet slipper shaped feet and use feature fabrics on her torso, rather than make a completely separate outfit. I also wanted her to have a vintage olde world look. My visit to Mary's shop (well it's really called Drapers of Mount Macedon, but "Mary's Shop" rolls off the tongue much better) was as usual an inspiration. I found a selection of prints there called 'Etchings' from the Moda range. There are lots of florals and ones with old style script writing, old maps of Paris and architectural drawings.

I did some colour and trim story boards using a selection from my existing stash of trims. This one would use the map of Paris for her torso, and plain fabric for her face, legs and arms. The silk georgette fabric would make beautiful full sleeves and a full skirt.

This is a rough sketch of a green georgette and script print fabric outfit:

Here is another colour version with the script fabric for the bodice and the peach silk fabric for the legs.

This is my Russian Princess outfit with some Marabou feather boa for her hat.

This one looks like a gypsy, and would use some real cotton deep red velvet I got at the Cleggs remnants sale earlier this year.

I am waiting for the special photo transfer fabric to arrive, and I will have a go at drawing my own face, or finding some vintage faces to use. I have heard that you can also iron freezer paper on the back of the fabric before you feed it through the printer. My printer let out a horrendous shriek today when I was trying to change the ink cartridge today, so I hope it holds up.

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