Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dolls! Autumn Bead and Button Jointed Cloth Doll

I made this doll about 4 years ago, using the pattern from Making Cloth Dolls edited by Dorothea Hall.

It was my second go at making a cloth doll. I used a brown artists quality felt tip drawing pen to outline the facial features and some artists quality coloured pencils to fill in the lips and eyes. I had fun with the glitter on this doll's face too. Her hair is made up of wool, beads and paper flowers. There is also a little bit of needle sculpting at the corners of her eyes, mouth and nose.

This is the book that the pattern came from:

And here is their version:

She sits very well because of her bead joints, and was interesting to make.

Button jointed knees

 I would do another one, but I have so many different projects that I would like to try (bear making and crazy patchwork, to name a few), that I probably won't get to it for a while.

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Angelique Amour said...

This is great Lizzy, I also made one of the Attic Dolls using an old poly fleece sweater. I love that book also :)

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