Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dolls! The Bratz Girls Have Shoes (And the Rest of Their Legs)

A lovely evilbay seller sent me the Bratz girls shoes (and the rest of their legs) in the mail today. Don't you think they look a lot better (and a lot happier).

There are also a lot of spare shoes to choose from, here are a couple of pairs:

Bratz shoes

As I have said in my last post, I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of these dolls.  I am intrigued that I can't find any collectors information on the internet, only loads for sale, but nothing on identifying how old they are and which model is which. I guess they are not collectable yet, except by their very appreciative target market.

Their hair is still dreadful, but I have found a couple of sites that suggest mixing water and fabric softner together and dispensing it from a spray bottle onto the dollies hair, and leaving it there for a good soak. I think I will try this as the Twin Pines products are going to be expensive to get from the U.S.

Two of the dollies are sharing a very disgruntled Blythe doll's outfit. I have a sewing pattern for Blythe dolls and I think that with a few adjustments, I could use it for the Bratz girls.


Ann said...

Glad you managed to get their missing parts, how strange that they were missing in the first place!

I have a couple of Barbies with horrible hair, I tried the hot water and fabric softener treatment and at least it got rid of the worst matting.

Lizzie said...

I didn't realise they were all feet-less until I got home and opened the bag. Thankgoodness for ebay!

That's interesting about your Barbies, I experimented on some old Barbies with ordinary shampoo and conditioner but it made them worse so I re-donated them to the op-shop (I felt bad about making their hair worse). I think Bratz hair might frizz less than Barbies. I will carefully try one Bratz doll with the fabric softener and then I might end up ordering some Twin Pines products.

Thanks for visiting!

AudraBark1 said...

They do look much happier now.

It's not strange that they were missing their feet. That's how we get them at Savers all the time. (What's strange is why they were made that way in the first place!). When I was being a cashier (fortunately I rarely am now because I'm so slow), I would always point out to people that their feet were missing. The usual response was "Oh, we have LOTS of feet at home."

Good luck with their hair.

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