Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kick Pleat Basting Madness and Purple Coat Butterick 5254

As we battle through the cold of the last remaining weeks of winter and early Spring here in Australia, I thought I would mention the kick pleat basting stitches that I have seen so many people leave in their RTW coats this winter. I think it reflects how few people have sewing skills as the dedicated home sewer would never leave the basting stitches in as we all know they are to preserve the pleat while you are making the garment. The RTW industry leaves these few stitches in so that their garments reach the wearer in good condition. I would really like to hear from anyone else who has noticed people wearing their RTW coats with the basting stitches still in. Anyway, how is a person meant to kick up their heels properly with these temporary basting stitches left in?

Having got my "rant" out of the way, I thought that I would show you the coat I am planning on making. First up is my "old faithful" of 10 or more years. I spent a lot of money on this coat, and it was truly worth it. Sadly, it is showing signs of old age with the fabric pilling in some areas and I am really sick of the grey colour. It is still as warm as toast to wear, so I am going to have to try hard with my new coat to make it as warm. Inter-lining with cotton flannel is an idea.

Old Faithful
Here is a photo of the wool mix fabric I got from Spotlight. As I have not made a coat before, I have not spent a lot of money on the fabric in case it all goes wrong. I have also included the lining I plan to use, but I might change it for some really bright printed or plain satin fabric if I can find one substantial enough. I don't like winter much, so I thought a bright lining might cheer me up.

And here is the pattern, Butterick 5254:

I am going to make the long version with long sleeves. My wonderful book by Connie Long about linings tells me that I can use fabrics usually reserved for making dresses and shirts as a lining. It is a fantastic book, and well worth adding to your collection. The pictures (and there are plenty) and the diagrams are really clear. There are chapters on lining trousers, making a pattern for a coat or jacket lining when you don't have one, lining skirts and how to line sheer fabrics and jumpers (sweaters).

I have a winter jacket to make before I embark on this coat and probably another summer top or two, but I really need to get it done before winter 2012. Here's hoping!

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