Monday, June 13, 2011

Dolls! Progress on Painted Doll

Here is my progress so far for my painted doll.

It is very cold here at the moment, so I gave her a pair of thick tights.

I am thinking of doing the hair in mohair, rather than painting it. This is the strawberry colour from Stokesay Mohair Farm. It is meant to be a painted doll, but this hair suits her very well.

I have to add some more detail to the body and do the face, but they certainly start to come 'alive' once you start to paint the features. I have added a ribbon tie to the doll so that it can be hung from a door handle.  


McNallys said...

I've never done an entirely cloth painted doll. I need to try it too! Your blog gives me so many ideas!

Lizzie said...

Thankyou Elaine. I have so many projects lined up, but not quite enough time to get them all done as quickly as I would like.

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