Monday, July 4, 2011

Dolls! Second Painted Cloth Doll Finished

Here is my second painted cloth doll.

Her blusher is a little uneven. I was quite nervous painting the face after having to re-paint the last one, but I will tell myself that a little imperfection adds character and that it shows it is not a mass produced doll.

Here is the second doll posing with the first one I made. I enjoyed making them and will make some more, but I am gearing up to make my next doll which will have clothing made out of mostly lovely 100 per cent wool felt.

And look at this marvellous Op Shop find that I came across this morning. A special edition of Town & Country Collections series on dolls.There are all sorts of articles on old dolls, including Lenci dolls.

1 comment:

McNallys said...

Very sweet painted dolls! I love the painted clothing. Great idea.

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