Friday, April 26, 2013

Dolls! Simplicity 2775 Bride Dress for my 1950's Virga 8 Inch Doll

Here comes the bride!  I have finally finished the bridal outfit for my 1950's 8 inch Virga doll using Simplicity pattern 2775 which is a re-issue of the original 1950's pattern.  I really dragged my feet with project for a variety of reasons; I got bored, too interested in the next project I was going to do, it was very fiddly (the bodice and skirt is lined) and I was also studying for my course.  Anyway, I am quite pleased with the finished project.

Those vintage flowers are fairly hard to come by and the ones that are in her hair to match her pretty party dress are delicate and hard to get out so I used some of the lace left over from her sleeves to make the head piece for her veil.

Her flower girl and page boy.

The bridal procession. Dad has shrunk a bit with age and is looking a little bleary eyed after a late night out with the bucks party. I hope the groom arrives!

Who will catch the bouquet?

The lined skirt.


AudraBark1 said...

The dress is fabulous! I can't imagine doing such tiny little details. I like the story line too. The dad is probably worrying about how he is going to pay for the wedding. I hope the groom shows up, but I know how hard it is to find boy dolls.

Lizzie said...

Thanks Audra. Suitable grooms are a bit thin on the ground in my household. A good excuse to buy more dolls!

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