Monday, July 22, 2013

Little Animals Fleecie Dressing Gown Butterick 5537, Finished!

I have been an absent blogger for a while, but here I am back with pics of my finished dressing gown, Butterick 5537. It is a hard colour to photograph, so these photos have been lightened slightly. I lengthened the gown by about 2 inches, and shortened the sleeves by lots! I am a smidge over 5 foot, so it is wonderful to get the sleeves the perfect length for me.

Back view with visiting celebrity model "Bootsie".
I had a little trouble with the front facing as it was loose all the way down the front. I stiched it by hand in three places, so it does not flop out while I am wearing it. I also top stitched the collar and the front.

I found a kind of overlocking/serger stitch on my Janome so I used it to sew the whole dressing gown (except of course the top stitching). It worked quite well and used up quite a bit of thread. I like this dressing gown pattern and would use it again.

Overlocker/serger stitch on my Janome

I think I am going to be a very intermittent blogger over the next couple of months but don't despair, it will be back to business as usual before you know it!

Happy sewing everyone!


AudraBark1 said...

Uh Oh, I left a comment (I thought) and it's not here!

Let's see, I said I have the opposite problem, I'm tall and have a hard time finding sleeves LONG enough, so that's one reason I like sewing.

I'm going to check my Janome and see if it has an overlock stitch. I might even have to read the directions but it would be worth it to sew on knits.

And as always, Bootsie is an asset to any picture.

Lizzie said...

Hi Audra, I got both your comments thanks but only this one appeared. Yes we sewers are lucky to be able to customize our sewing patterns.

I can send you a pic of what the stitch looks like on my Janome stitch guide. I am sure they have a standard set of stitches on their different models.

Bootsie is a keen model, I don't want to dampen his enthusiasim.

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