Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dolls! Mary Poppins Show and Doll.

Recently I posted about my Mary Poppins cloth doll that I had when I was two years old. I was on a nostalgia trip as I was going to see the show in November. Well I am pleased to report that it was wonderful. We got the understudy Mary Poppins, Sarah Bakker who I think was practically perfect. In fact I think she was perfect.

The program cover was lovely:
The show program

I loved the costumes and sets, and the colours of both were dazzling. I was particularly taken with some of the chorus members outfits in Mrs Corry's shop. They still had the bustle which was in fashion in the late 1800's, and not in the time when Mary Poppins was set, but it worked so well. I was trying to see the details of these costumes, and could make out wonderful piecing work on some which looked like patchwork. They had used fabrics of different prints and textures and it all went together very well. I would love to see how they designed these costumes and have a look at the detail up close.

And to top it off, they were selling Mary Poppins dolls at the show, and of course I had to get one to put with my old Mary Poppins cloth doll.

I love the box design which copies the detail from the set for the children's bedroom. 

Bag and umbrella

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Tany said...

What a beautiful doll! It is incredible how they made it so well detailed!

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