Monday, December 6, 2010

New Look Jacket 6619, Finished At Last!

Hi all, I would like to announce that I have finished my New Look Jacket 6619:

Button and loop closure

I think I will give myself a cheer for making it to the finishing line, because there were times when I thought it was not going to work out. I was doing a technique which was new to me, which was altering the front bust measurement. I used the technique in Jackets for Real People by Alto, Neall and Palmer. I experienced major procrastination because I was learning something new. I kept putting it off as I thought if I made a mistake, then all my efforts were for nothing. For this reason, I used a very cheap fabric so that I didn't mess up a good piece. I also did a rough calico to work out some of the fitting issues, and I am glad that I did.

I like the jacket, and here it is with the top I made for Lisa's wedding:


I think I will make up this jacket pattern again with a different front closure variation in the watercolour fabric.

Before I embark on this second jacket though, I am going to sew up the outfit for my 1950's doll. I have been doing some research, and have decided on this fabric combination and dress with matching capelet:

Here is a clearer view of the pattern:

I am doing the sleeveless dress on the bottom right. Don't you love those cute fashions! I will keep you all updated of my progress with this tiny project.

Finally, I would like to thank the talented and prolific blogger Tany for becoming my first Google Follower! She is the writer of 2 blogs and makes the most amazing clothes, so go and have a look at her site. As a 'new kid' in the world of blogs, I was so excited to get my first Follower. 

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Tany said...

Lizzie, thank you so much for the shout out! I won’t always have the time to comment, but I will be a regular visit!
Your jacket looks terrific! Congratulations, your work and endurance has paid off!
Sometimes during construction of some garments there's a time when I have my doubts and think "this may not work out", but that thought is always followed by a "there's always a way" thought and I try to make it through; for example, the cloak: when I first tried it on, it didn't feel right... Instead of putting it aside I tried to point out what was really wrong (it as too large on my ribcage), and tried a fix, which worked out. I made it through and it came out the way I had envisioned it! This happens to most creative people, painters, sculptors, song writers, etc.

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