Saturday, October 9, 2010

Trials of a Short Person, New Look 6619 Jacket & Watercolour Fabric

There won't be much 'real' sewing going on around here for the next couple of weeks. Apart from the fact that I will be working one extra day at work next week, I have a whole lot of adjustments to do to some clothes I bought recently. Not only do the pants and jeans hems need taking up, but I have to shorten the shirt with the white cuffs and the other top needs the length adjusted by cutting off the band. I will either cut off a couple of inches of the length and re-attach the band or leave it off altogether.

It is a lot of work doing this kind of thing, but I bought almost all of these clothes at very reduced prices, so I suppose it is worth it.

Next up is some stretch cotton sateen that I will call the 'watercolour fabric'. As that is the medium I paint in, this fabric really called to me. Being a short person, and the fact that I love prints and colour, I had to really think hard about whether or not to purchase this. To make things worse, I bought it by mail order from Knitwit. I only had a tiny swatch to go on too. I had a discussion with some of my work colleagues about buying such a 'busy' pattern, and the fact that it will go out of fashion some time soon. The consensus was to go for it. I think I would like to make a longer jacket out of it.

Finally, here is the fabric I have picked out to make my New Look 6619 jacket out of. It is looking a bit creased isn't it. It is a polyester (I think) gabardine which I got at a ridiculously cheap sale price from Spotlight, so if it does not work out, it is not a great loss.
So as usual, I have a lot of sewing to do. Until next time.

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