Monday, October 25, 2010

More Fabric and New Look 6619 Progress

I have been very restrained with my fabric purchases this year. This might be due to the fact that I was running out of storage space for any more. But when I saw this wool crepe and wool gabardine on sale at Cleggs last week for $10.00 a meter, I snapped it up. They had an Italian version, but I could not see a lot of difference. I guess I will only know what quality it is when I make it up and start wearing it.

And then I saw this gorgeous print which is like a very light weight linen. I bought the co-ordinating plain print with the idea to make a skirt. These two fabrics were on sale, but not as heavily reduced in price as the wool fabric.

The idea is to make this jacket out of the print fabric. It has a draw string tie at the waist.

So, as usual, lots of ideas, but my sewing output is going at a snails pace. Lots of social activities meant little sewing this week, but I have resolved the fit issues on the front part of the jacket I am making, New Look 6619. I used the technique in Fit for Real People by Palmer and Alto. Problem is, I forgot to slant the bust dart upwards, but it is a small shallow dart and I don't think it will matter too much. You might be able to make out in the photo below how I have enlarged the front:

Increasing the bust area meant that I also had to increase the length. I read over on Pattern Review that his pattern can be a little tight in the arm hole, and found it was the case for me, so I had to increase for that too. I want to insert a very small shoulder pad as I like to use them in my jackets as I think they sit better. Problem is I had to increase the pattern piece for the sleeve, lining, fronts, back and front facing. Phew!

At this stage I plan to use a piece of very pale pink for the lining which will look good against the brown gabardine.

Well, at least I have made a start with the sewing and should make great progress now that I hope I have resolved most of the fitting issues on the calico and the paper pattern.

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