Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dolls! 1950's Glamour Doll?

I bought this doll for a very reasonable price at a doll show in Melbourne recently. It was sold as a 1950's Glamour Girl doll, and I am quite certain she is.

I think the outfit except for the gloves is original, but I added the bit of sparkly pink tulle for modesty as she did not have a top on; only that amazing strapless bra.

It even has a catch to do it up at the back;

In the photo above, you can just make out the writing stamped onto her back: Made in Hong Kong (British Empire) No. 8110. Beneath this is a kind of logo that I have not been able to trace. It has the letters W P W inside a diamond shape which is kind of on it's side. There are 2 arrows pointing out of the diamond shape, one on each side. I would love to hear from anyone who knows this makers mark and can tell me about them.

Look at her plastic earrings:

And her plastic shoes:

And here is a close up of her crazy make up. She has real sleep eyes. I just love her, even though I have seen far better examples of these dolls on the internet.

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