Monday, November 29, 2010

The One Shoulder Evening Dress

Some of you may recall my recent post about sewing an outfit for my 1950's doll. The one shouldered number on the left really caught my fancy. Imagine my surprise when I spied a similar design (without the puffy skirt) in the latest catalogue from Burda patterns:

Burda 7474

Just shows these designs keep coming back into the fashion cycle every so often. What better way to show of an alluring shoulder?

I am feeling better so I was able to sew in the linings and start on the hems on my New Look jacket on the weekend. It is inching towards completion!

If you have tried to leave a comment in the past and been unable to, that is because I had that function switched off by mistake. I have set it so that you can leave a comment now, so please do.

Until next time.

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