Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Look Jacket 6619 : Are We There Yet?

For those of you who thought my New Look Jacket project had been pushed to the back of the sewing room again, here are some pictures of my progress to date. I have finished the outer jacket and only have the sleeves to put in to the lining. Something went wrong with the length of the front lining piece, so I will have to take the bust darts out to regain the correct length. New Look only gave an extra pattern piece for the lining, so maybe the mistake is theirs.

I had to replace the first lot of lining I cut out as I got baby oil on it and it would not wash out. I had been experimenting using it to re-condition frizzy barbie doll hair earlier in the day, and some of it was still on my hands. It is hard stuff to get off. I already had the green lining, so I did not have to rush out and buy any more. I think it is only bemsilk, and the quality is nothing like Sunsilky antistatic lining. Now I know why I pay more to use Sunsilky.
Button loop

Attached sleeve band cut on bias

Finally, getting off the topic of sewing, here is a bucket of the roses that I rushed out and picked before the heavy rains started here in Melbourne on Friday night:

And this is my cat Bootsie. I am sure he is a Manga cat, look at those beautiful big eyes he has! 

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