Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mid-Week Musings, or Why I Got Back Into Sewing!

I am starting a new job in just over a month's time and the New Look jacket 6619 is languishing still in the corner of my sewing room. I would really like a new jacket for my new job, and having not completed all my clothing alterations, I got a quote on getting a jacket made. Now I think I would want to be rewarded well for all the work that goes into making a jacket, and I think $250.00 is a fair price for the time and hassle. Only problem is because I know how to do it myself, it really hurts to 'cough up' that amount of money. Just think of all the lovely fabric, patterns and books that I could buy with that amount of money. Also, that price does not include the fabric, lining and notions. Looks like I am going to have to get organised. I do have a week off before my job starts so I had better get sewing!

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