Monday, May 16, 2011

Dolls! Dress for a Real Ponytail Swirl Barbie

My reproduction Ponytail Swirl Barbie

I am working on this dress for a friend who has an original Ponytail Swirl Barbie, which was made in 1964 according to my copy of the Blue Book by Jan Foulke. I have already made this dress for my reproduction Ponytail Swirl Barbie, but as I originally thought she was made in the 1950's, I went for a longer look. Jan Foulke's book shows a photo of the box for the original Ponytail Barbie, and the day dresses with fitted bodices finish just below the knee. I shortened the skirt and the band of contrast fabric to keep it all in proportion. You can't see it from the photo, but the contrast fabric has a print of ladies dress gloves on it, which is very pretty and vintage.

I think she looks like she needs a jacket to finish the look, so I am thinking of this pattern which is a re-release of an original Simplicity pattern from the 1960's by the look of the styles. I will make the jacket in the top left of the photo using the white fabric.

And just for a laugh, look at this pattern I got from ebay. I just love these old patterns for the art work. The figures don't look like dolls at all, more like a young teenager. It is a lovely look at popular styles from the 1970's.

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Tany said...

That's a lovely dress and a jacket would be perfect to complement it!

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