Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dolls! Fabrics for Doll Clothes in the 1950's

I received my photocopy of vintage McCall's pattern 1720 in the mail this week from Isn't it gorgeous! It was published in 1952 and is for the American Character Sweet Sue dolls. I was reading the fabric requirements on the back of the pattern envelope and was surprised that they suggest wool jersey for the view A or B blouse. Wool jersey! I have never come across that kind of fabric in the fabric chain stores that I haunt. I would imagine that in the 1950's it was easily available, otherwise they would not have suggested it for these doll clothes. Modern mass produced dolls clothes are certainly not going to be using wool jersey!

A big thankyou this week to princess char who signed up as a follower to my blog. It is always such a compliment when someone wants to become a follower. She does not seem to have a blog, otherwise I would have given you the link.

My RTW clothing alterations are creeping along so I only spent about 10 minutes on my Ella doll last weekend; she is not going to get completed in a hurry at this rate.


Just call me "Nana" said...

I was searching for the McCall pattern #1720 and found your blog. This is so fun!!

Just 2 days ago, I had my hubby bring my "dolly" down from the attic. She's a "Sweet Sue"! I got her when I was 12...I'm now 72! I was so pleased she's not in worse condition...just a bit of hair mending where the glue has deterioriated plus I did play with her hair as a kid. It's a bit wild.

I went to and can't find the pattern. Drat!! I plan to contact them to request a photocopy...I hope they still have it.

Although it's in bad shape, I still have the documentation that she came with. If you'd like a copy, please let me know.


Lizzie said...

Hi Pat,

Thankyou for sharing your lovely story about your childhood doll with me - I would love to see a photo of her after you make her new outfit. I know that you can get this pattern on - just search for sweet sue pattern, and this one should come up along with all the other ones that were available for this doll back in the 1950's. I am uploading some photos today of my Sweet Sue with her new dress and hat that I made from another original pattern from the 50's, so have a look at those if you like.

I would love a copy of the documentation that came with your doll. My email address is under the About Me link at the top left hand side of my blog. Kind regards and thankyou for visiting my blog, Lizzie.

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