Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vogue Stretch Fabric Top V8597

Audra over at Dolly Fever has been asking where I have been. I have been a lazy blogger as well as being away interstate for work in Brisbane. I stayed in Brisbane over the weekend to go and see the museums there. One of the exhibitions was of the Prado masterpieces from Spain. I really enjoyed this exhibition. It was well arranged with all the paintings on a topic such as religious, portraits, sketches all grouped together.

I have been working on this top, Vogue V8597 for the last 6 or so weeks. Sewing it got interrupted by some trouser hemming. This is a job that I hate, but I don't like to pay to get it done because I would rather buy fabric with that money. I will do some more work on this top tomorrow, and I hope to get it just about finished. This is the pattern cover - I am making style B which is the red cowl neck top. The pattern got good reviews on Pattern Review, except some people had trouble with arranging the cowl neck once they had it on. I won't know about that until I finish it and start wearing it. I might not be wearing it until next winter as it is starting to warm up here. The fabric was from Spotlight.

So it looks like those pesky dollies of mine will have to wait for their new summer frocks as I have a keen desire (and need) to sew up some summer tops for myself. I am even getting quite ambitious about making some bags using some of my beautiful craft fabric stash and making some pencil cases for my niece and nephew. Pencil cases are a good task for my sewing club day as it does not take too much effort, and we are usually talking a lot so my concentration levels are usually fairly low.

I have some stories coming up on a crazy googly eyed Scottish souvenir doll, and a gorgeous bag making book that has inspired me to have a go at making some bags. The bag I am using at the moment is like a black hole. There are only 2 small pockets inside, so things fall to the bottom of the bag and I can't see much because the lining is black. I know black for bag linings is practical, but there are so many pretty alternatives, I don't know why manufacturers are so keen on using black.

Happy sewing until next time.


AudraBark1 said...

That is a beautiful top, Lizzie. I'm impressed! My experiences with sewing stretchy fabrics have usually ended in disaster, even though I try all the tips and tricks there are.

Lizzie said...

Thankyou Audra, but I am not out of the woods with this one yet! This stuff does have a mind of it's own, and didn't want to feed through the serger cutter for some reason.

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