Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dolls! Mum Made Jacket for my Australian 1940's Emil Bear

Here is my Australian made Emil brand bear from the 1940's wearing a knitted jacket made by my Mum! He does not have a lot of fur, and I felt he needed a jacket. I found this pattern for a baby's jacket in one of my Australian Doll Bear and Collectables magazines. It is actually a jacket for a baby, but they used it in the magazine. This is their version:

If you want the details for the magazine and the issue it is in, click here.

And here he is showing the back view:

Good job Mum! I am not a very good knitter, and it would have taken a lot of teeth gnashing and probably a couple of years to get it done - Mum did it in about a week!

Finally, I have a new follower - Larchik from Russia (I think). Thankyou for signing up Larchik, your little bears that you make (I think you do because I can't read Russian) are very cute.


AudraBark1 said...

Your Emil bear is absolutely darling! He is way cuter than the model bear and I like your bear's jacket better too. The model's looks too babyish (probably because it WAS a baby pattern). Your Mum did a good job.

Lizzie said...

Thankyou Audra, she did do a good job.

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