Monday, December 3, 2012

Dolls! Prairie Style Dress for an American Girl Doll

I tried to blame my American Girl 'dolly fever' on Audra's blog, but of course I am quite capable of generating my own. I have gone from really disliking these dolls to really liking them. Audra had the same experience.

This is My American Girl number 32. She initially came with her hair done in pig-tails, but I took them out as they looked a bit thin and scrappy. You can see how they have cut the hair to make it easier to form the two pigtails.

I just moved her hair over the 'bald spot' and it doesn't look too bad:

Here she is modelling her half finished dress. I think the blue matches her eyes beautifully. The outfit she came in is a bit boring and I love the historical American Girl dolls, so I thought I would see how she looked in an old fashioned dress.

This is the pattern I am using - McCalls 3627. I am making the dress in the top right corner which comes with a matching prairie style bonnet and bloomers. I didn't have enough of the blue fabric so I found some white fabric for the sleeves which will give it a pinafore look. All of this fabric came out of my stash, so I am quite proud of that! I have to make the pencil case for my niece before christmas, so I will have to leave sewing up the bonnet and bloomers until later.

Thankyou Claudia for becoming a follower on my blog. It is always so flattering when someone goes to that effort.

Happy Sewing Everyone!


AudraBark1 said...

Ha! Dolly fever is highly contagious, so watch out! The prairie dress is really cute and now Sunny wants one too.

Lizzie said...

There is no helping me now I have Dolly Fever!!

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