Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dolls! Trousseau Doll Boxes

I have been looking at doll boxes or trunks on some of the great doll blogs on the internet, and got inspired to try one of my own.  My Virga doll will be the first lucky recipient. Using Simplicity 2775, she will add to her trousseau with a wedding dress. I might do the petticoat, jumper and dress after that.

Here is the Virga doll's trousseau so far:

Some of the boxes I have looked at on the internet have dividers to make compartments for the doll and their outfits and accessories. They are made to look gorgeous with vintage style papers and lace or braid along the top of each compartment. Not sure I can do that with this box as it is in an old fashioned trunk style.

I could do it with this box which is for these two plastic baby dolls. What a pity I can't crotchet as they would make great subjects for outfits made this way.

Have a happy sewing and dollie week!

1 comment:

Serenata said...

What a lovely idea and one I have thought about doing as well at some stage!

The little trunk will be perfect for her and I look forward to seeing the wedding dress!

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