Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dolls! Pretty Party Dress for my 1950's Virga Doll - Simplicity 2775

Here is my Virga doll in her pure silk tafetta party dress from pattern Simplicity 2775.  All the details about the dress are here.  I just love how you can style the tafetta so that is sticks out, exactly as it does in the drawing on the envelope cover.

I used vintage flowers from the 1950's, which gives the outfit added authenticity.

You might notice that the bodice is a bit low on her but I had so much trouble with the tulle straps. Even though I anchored the gathering threads, they still wanted to stretch out again. If I made this dress again, I would probably just use ribbon straps which would be just as nice.

I even made the bag which I think is so cute with it's ribbon handles.

Just for fun, here is an 'everyone in' photo of some of the dolls I have wearing pink, or close to it.

I like this pattern and I am thinking of making some of the other outfits from it and placing them and the doll in the box I have used as a background in these photos. I have seen some other people make these on the internet, and I think they look fantastic.

Happy sewing!


Serenata said...

A very pretty dress that she looks lovely in and I think the extra little touches really add to it.

Lizzie said...

Thankyou Serenata :)

DollZandThingZ said...

Pretty, pretty party dress and Virga doll!!

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