Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dolls! Starting On My Virga Doll's Pretty Party Dress With Some Help From Nellie Bird.

Sewing has started on my Virga doll's pretty party dress. Nellie Bird, my latest acquisition from a doll auction I went to recently is such a fashionable little thing and has stepped in to help sew up the dress.

The box she came in is numbered 176 and has the following words printed on a silver label on the side 'Nellie Bird, Nellie Bird, Light the fires and feed the herd, Sweep the kitchen, bake the bread, You'll get through in time for bed'.  Sounds like she is a hard worker. And with that fashion sense, she should create a dream dress for the Virga doll.

Nellie is a Nancy Ann Story Book Doll and I think she was made in the 1940's. She is the frozen legs version.


Serenata said...

Oh I just love the sweet little Nancy Ann dolls. Your little sweetie has the most gorgeous dress.

Lizzie said...

I love them too, especially the way their dresses are cut so wide.

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