Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dolls! Madame Alexander Coquette Jacqui

Today I thought I would show you my Madame Alexander Coquette Jacqui doll. I think she was modelled on that famous first lady Jackie Kennedy. I love the sculpt of the face - I would like to know more about the talented people who sculpt these dolls for the large doll making companies. She is a little over 10 inches tall and I think that who ever sculpted her face has done an excellent job on a relatively small scale.

Photo from Wikipedia
I think there is some resemblance, don't you?

Her clothes are beautifully made; the dress is lined with a fine white cotton and has the Madame Alexander tag in it. The dress has fine pink piping in the skirt seams. The photo below shows the detail of the cardigan. The flowers she is holding didn't come with the doll but are vintage. According to the tag she was made in 2005 in a limited edition of 1000 dolls.

View of the dress
The only part that I do not think was well done are the shoes. They are chunky shaped but she does not have a chunky foot. I don't know why they made such ugly shoes.

These are the tags that she came with.

I have not worn my 'muumuu top' yet, but I left it on a hanger on the door of my wardrobe during the week and I have decided that I like it. I am just deciding which fabric I will use to make another top in the same style.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at this adorable doll and happy sewing everyone.

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