Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dolls! Patons 1970's Knitting Pattern Book for Dolls

I was quite a long way from home earlier in the week getting some footwear for work.  After I had done that I walked around the drab little shopping strip that happened to be full of op-shops.  There were four all up and I went around to each to see what was on offer. The only find was this little pattern book for dolls using Patons knitting wools. It was sitting on the top of some magazines in full view so I didn't even have to try hard to find it!

I don't recognise any of these dolls, and I would say they are from the 70's as there is a Peasant Outfit for a 24 inch Wendy Walker doll.  I did a quick google search for Wendy Walker dolls, but just found a few of them on ebay and couldn't identify them for sure.  In my mind, the hat that goes with the Peasant Outfit places this book in the early to mid 70's.

Peasant Outfit for a 24 inch Wendy Walker is on the right

The Patons wools used for these doll fashions

Don't you love the fashions for these Sindy dolls.  Notice how some of the Sindy dolls have eye lashes and some don't.

The book is really useful for identifying the dolls as most of the instructions name the doll the outfits were designed for.  These two in the pic below are 16 inch Wendy Walkers, and I wouldn't mind one of these for my dolly collection.  I have been ebaying off some quite gorgeous knitting wool that I can't use because of my dodgy back, but I reckon I could just about manage making the little outfit on the left which is knitted in  Bluebell wool.  Not sure about the crochet part, but I might give it a try.  Isn't the bag gorgeous!

There is also this kinda creepy baby toddler doll called Sally-Ann. A lot of people say to me when they know that I collect dolls that the eyes creep them out. Well I rarely have that problem, but this Sally-Ann doll's eyes do creep me out. Pattern 19 in the bottom left pic below is called a sleeping bag.

These two dolls don't have names clearly stated in the pattern design, but when you get a little further down to the doll measurements section, they are described as "Nacho".  I had a quick look on google for these dolls, but couldn't find them, so maybe Patons gave the doll that name.  I do like the cable and striped jumper and of course the overalls.  The dolls have strange squashed faces though.

Finally, for Audra, here is a pic of two Teddies.  They state in the instructions that they were purchased from David Wang, whover he was.  I think the blue outfit is a Sherlock Holmes outfit, but they just call it Coat, Cap, Boots and Scarf.  Patons could have got a bit more imaginative I think and called it a Sherlock Outfit.

My sewing and blogging out-put has been low due to a bit of a bad back episode which has calmed down and general blah about sewing anyway. I am still studying and that takes a bit of time out of my week, but I am determined to sit down and do some work on my owl and fox fleecy dressing gown which has been giving me a bit of grief.  I hope to blog about that in the next couple of days.


Anonymous said...

I just love vintage toys! I love those old Cindy dolls...when I was little I had a blonde Cindy doll and I thought she was better than Barbie :P

Lizzie said...

I had Barbies but I think I would have liked a Sindy too. My Barbies were a bit 'un-natural' looking with their super large bust and bleached blonde hair.

AudraBark1 said...

I was immediately drawn to the Teddies! Yes, that one outfit looks very Sherlock Holmesish. Maybe David Wang is related to Vera Wang, only he did Teddy Bear clothes.

The dolls look vaguely familiar in a 70s kind of way. By then I was too old for dolls but luckily I've regressed since then.

I hope you're feeling better now. That was a nice find.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie
David Wang was a store in the seventies that sold items imported from China, silk dresses little embroidered scuffs hand embroidered silk blouses often of great quality. Also basket ware and some toys . They had a store in camberwell and one in the city I think. I think your sewing looks great and especially like the barbie dresses

Lizzie said...

Thanks 'Anonymous' , I really appreciate this snippet of information. It looks like my guess about the patterns being from the 1970's could be right. Those Davis Wang stores sound fantastic and a bit like the Ishka stores that I remember in the 90,s. Thanks for the compliment about my sewing! Lizzie.

Bama @ Dolls of an Era said...

I hope your back is much better by now. I have problems with mine at times too. Not fun!

Thanks for your nice comment about my little Nancy doll. :o)

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