Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dolls! Last of the Bratz Op Shop Five Makeovers Done

Here is the complete line up of the 'Op Shop Five' that I have been making over during the last couple of months. Below is their before photo. I tried to compose them in a similar fashion so that the before and after was easier to compare.

Here are the last two dolls to receive their makeovers:

Wearing a Moxie Girlz outfit, trying to look punk in tartan and combat style boots.


I know I have raved about how well the fabric softner worked on these Bratz dolls hair, but I am going to say it again - what magic stuff! I also gave a Barbie doll the same treatment, and considering this Barbie has quite bad quality hair, it came out well in the end. I will show you my latest dolly makeovers in my next post.

For now, here is a 'mystery pic' of a gorgeous doll that I got in one of the bulk doll bags at my favourite local op shop. I will blog about her (and the many other dolls I got in the bag) later on this week.

Mystery doll - can you guess who??


Anonymous said...

Cute clothes, I Love the tartan one the best...tartan seems to be everywhere today as I've typed that a few times today haha

The mystery doll is familiar, I don't know what it's called but I remember having one or seeming it somewhere, it had big feet lol

Lizzie said...

Yes, I like the tartan one too! You are right, kind of at least about the Mystery Doll, she does have big feet because her shoes are so big.

Anonymous said...

They all look so much better, and the hair is beautiful too! I've seen that mystery doll before I think. I'm curious to see the other dolls you found!

Lizzie said...

Thankyou, I think they all look happier after their makeover.

I will reveal the Mystery Doll's identity soon. Here is a clue: she is from the early 2000's and has an entry on Wikipedia.

AudraBark1 said...

You worked a miracle on them! I, too, think I've seen the mystery doll but have no idea who she is.

Lizzie said...

Thanks Audra, I enjoyed getting them back into shape. Another clue for the Mystery Doll will be coming soon!

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