Monday, November 25, 2013

Dolls! Mystery Doll Reveal

Here is the Mystery Doll; she is a Diva Starz Fashion Doll made by Mattel in the early 2000's. I just love her!! There is an interesting write-up about these dolls on Wikipedia.  I think this doll is Miranda. These dolls are 11 inches/28 cm tall, are battery operated and talk when you push the top off their head. Various personalities provided their voices to the dolls. They were discontinued after a few seasons as the sales dropped off.

Here are some of the op-shop dolls I got last week, including Miranda, waiting for their makeover.

Here they are having a good soak in the fabric softener:

No dolls were harmed in the making of this blog post.
Here is Miranda showing off her beautiful pink streaks. The hair was gossamer fine after her salon treatment. I am quite impressed by the quality of these dolls.

I was lucky to get three of these Diva Starz dolls, here is the second one that I made over, wearing a tagged Barbie dress that I got from the same op-shop.  Miranda is wearing a Barbie dress too. After researching these dolls, I realised when I went back to the op-shop that their shoes were also on sale. I am guessing that the 'people out the back' (Audra's phrase) didn't know that these shoes went with these dolls, so they bagged them separately. I was lucky to get three pairs!!

Finally, here is Tia or Nicki waiting for her make-over.  She does look rather forlorn waiting for her make-over next to those two stylish chicks!  I am hoping her hair responds as well as the others have to the fabric softener.

Thanks for all your guesses about this doll, it was a bit of fun.


Anonymous said...

Aha, I'm glad you revealed the name :-)! They are great! What a good find with the shoes, and they look gorgeous now after you did the hair. Congratulations with the make-over, and the dresses are perfect for the dollies!

Lizzie said...

Thankyou, I enjoyed doing these make-overs. I have just finished treating the hair on the last one and a lot of it came out as i combed it to get rid of the knots. In badly knotted hair i think the hair should soak in the fabric softner over night. By the way, this doll is 11 1/2 inches tall and they fit fairly well into Barbie sized dresses.

AudraBark1 said...

I never even knew about Diva Starz. (I'm always amazed at how many dolls I DON'T know about.) She is really cute. Does she still talk? It's amazing how many dolls can fit into Barbie clothes, even though their bodies don't look the same. And it's wonderful that you found the shoes for them.

discodiva1979 said...

Tia is African American however she is different in style. They made Tia, Summer, Niki & Alexa-they have infa red technology & have snap on clothing & can communicate with eachother.

Lizzie said...

Thanks for the info Discodiva, that is really good to know. I didn't know they did all those other things! I still have all these dollies. Wish I had infra red technology :P! Thanks for stopping by, Lizzie.

Anonymous said...


I was just visiting blogs of Diva starz lovers! I can't resist to leave a comment! I will follow your advice about fabric conditioner as I have one undergoing treatment right now! I bought my first Diva starz about a year ago from a charity shop and I liked her so much, I bought some more, of course!! It was also a mystery doll for me when I first bought her and I did not even know she could talk! Well,now I'm crazy about them! They remind me of the Blythe dolls even so they are totally different.
And I'm glad to find a few people who appreciate them. They are so unpopular, poor Divas, I wonder why!
I enjoyed your post!
All the best!

Lizzie said...

Hi Anonymous, Thanks for visiting and your comment. How did you hair restoration go using the conditioner? They are great dolls, I saw a smaller one fixed to a stand at an op shop recently and nearly got her but I am in the process of down-sizing a bit, not up-sizing, so I left her there. I carried her around while I was looking at the clothing section, and the store (a Savers) was so big, I was bad and just dumped her on the shoes shelf. I hope someone adopts her and takes care of her. If it had been one of the bigger ones, I would have snapped her up.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about down-sizing. I have housing problems at the moment and I will have to move. I will be much more selective now when I collect. I have too many Monster high dolls so...(and I'm far to have as much as the collectors I see on line...luckily. I avoid them if they have glue in the head as it leaks eventually.)
The Diva hair did not turn up as good as yours. I think it was too damaged. It's Ok. I have this doll in perfect condition. I had the other one in a bundle I bought on ebay. I like her even with her bad hair day anyway!
I really like the Divas. They put me in a good mood! Can't resist their little funny faces!I am very pleased I have a few of them because they are not that easy to find. I live in the UK, I think you have more of them in the US.
Take care.Have a great Xmas!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just realized that you live in Australia! Lucky! I read it before but I had forgotten. I don't know if you have a lot of Divas there but I guess you have more than in the UK.
Take care

Renee said...

I found my Miranda Diva Starz fashion doll in a box a couple months ago. She can still talk despite having the same batteries in her head for about 10-15 years. I unfortunately don't have the clothes and accessories that belong to this doll, but Barbie clothes fit her pretty well. I think it's amusing that her hair is in style now. If you pull her hair up, it looks as if she's had the underside of her head shaved and her pink/orange streaks don't look that outdated.

Lizzie said...

Hi Renee, Thanks for stopping by. I found the Barbie clothes a good fit too. Be careful the batteries have not deteriorated, and are leaking. Perhaps you could put some new ones in. They are gorgeous dolls, I love their big shoes and funny faces, and the hair came up quite nicely once I gave them the fabric conditioner treatment. You might be lucking and see the Diva Starz clothes on ebay. I recall seeing some boxed outfits for them on ebay from time to time. I really love the dolls with the striped hair. Part of the enjoyment I get from doll collecting is seeing how the fashions change, and what comes and goes in popularity. Happy collecting! Lizzie.

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