Monday, January 13, 2014

Dolls! Third Diva Starz Makeover Done

Hi all, here I am back again after getting side-tracked from blogging in the lead up to Christmas.

This is the third Diva Starz doll to get her makeover, and her hair nearly got the better of me, but came out alright in the end. I didn't make the dress; it is from an ebay seller in China. The necklace is one of Barbie's.

Trying for a boho meets rock chick look?

To recap, here is the before - note the knotty hair:

Lovely hair

Finally, here are all the Divas in their finery:

I have been making a Connie Crawford shirt for summer and just sewing the buttons on today. I will do a post about it soon. I am going to need some more cool clothes as the temperatures are going to be 41 degrees tomorrow and then 38 and then back up to 40 by Friday.  We are all gonna melt!


Anonymous said...

The hair is beautiful, and she looks like a little princess or ballerina with the dress and necklace, lovely! I read the Wikipedia article again, the technique used to make them talk by putting on clothes is very unique!

Lizzie said...

Thanks! These doll designers are so clever, I wish I could learn more about them.

(For anyone who is interested, it made it to 43 degrees here today!!! Way too hot for me.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie, me again ;-), it was on the news today that it is so hot in your country, I hope you have some kind of airco, wouldn't want you to melt :-).

AudraBark1 said...

Wow, you worked a miracle on her hair. I like all her BLING! too. Try to stay cool.

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