Friday, January 24, 2014

Dolls! More Op-Shop Revamps

Here is a Disney doll who I think is some kind of ballerina because of the feathers sewn into her skirt and the fact that her elbows are bent and give her a dancer's look when they are raised. She has Disney on the back of her head and Simba Toys China on her back.  Her dress isn't tagged but I would say it is the original as it it fits her so well.  The earings look original too. Her shoes are borrowed from a no-name look alike Barbie from Big W store.

Next up is one of the Olsen twins with her other twins - triplets maybe?  I am going to have my work cut out for me taming her sister's hair!  The re-vamped Olsen twin has 2002 Dual. Ent. Grp. on the back of her head and 2002 Mattel Inc made in Indonesia on her back. I wonder why they have seemingly two different companies making these dolls? I know a lot of the antique dolls had heads and bodies made by different manufacturers; maybe they are adopting this manufacturing model. Or maybe it is just a parent company and a smaller off-shoot company. Anyway, I think the Olsen dolls have captured the likeness of their real life counterparts quite well. Her dress is from an ebay seller in China.

Back view of re-conditioned and messy hair:

New friends

Her is Disney ballerina undergoing her intensive hair treatment along with a Bratz and a Diva Starz. Oh, the price of beauty!
I have finished my Connie Crawford shirt and worn it, but I have not taken pictures yet. Keep an eye out for this post as it will be coming up.

Thankyou to Audra and Nymphaea for inquiring about the awful heat we had last week, it was truly dreadful if you don't like 40 plus degree days. We had four days of intense heat and the last 2 got up to 44 degrees! Quite a record for Melbourne. I managed okay, but after it was over and we got a cool change, it went from about 7 percent humidity to 70 percent. I don't like humid weather either...I guess it is summer though!


Anonymous said...

I googled pictures of Simba Toys just now, they make many beautiful Disney princesses (didn't see yours, but Simba the little lion showed up too :-D). Looking forward to see the shirt you made. A high humidity isn't good either is it, hope the weather is back to normal soon!

Lizzie said...

Ooooh I love Simba the white lion, although the sad bits in his movies make me weepy. I will have to check out that site.

It has cooled down a lot here but the temps are going to jump back up to the high 30's next week for a short while.

AudraBark1 said...

I like your princess. She doesn't have those rather peculiar "Disney eyes" that so many of them do. The Olsen girls DO look just like the real Olsens, don't they? Once again you did an excellent job on their hair.

Try to stay cool and we're looking forward to seeing the Connie Crawford shirt.

Lizzie said...

Thanks Audra. I wasn't aware of the 'Disney Eye' problem, I will have to check it out. Our weather has cooled right down today and I was cold waiting for the train into work this morning!

AudraBark1 said...

I don't know that the Disney Eyes are a problem, it's just that they're rather distinctive looking (and not really a look I care for). I can usually spot Disney dolls hanging on our dolly wall right away!

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