Monday, February 3, 2014

Dolls! 5 Mattel Fashion Dollies & A My Scene Swappin Styles

Bootsie in 40+ degree heat wave.
No, this isn't a Mattel doll, of course!  But it is how we have all felt here in Melbourne this week; only got the energy to lie on our backs on cool floor boards with our tummies catching the breeze and waiting for food tid-bits to be put in close proximity.

Now on to the real business of this post.  After I got my Diva Starz dolls from the op-shop, I went all mad for those dolls, and bought another one on Evilbay.  When I was looking for the Diva dolls, I spied these dollies one of which has inter-changeable heads. I just had to get them, and the seller had them at a very reasonable price so they have ended up with me.

Only one has the removable head, can you guess which one?

This one with the lovely long applied eye-lashes?

Or this one? By the way, the clothes these dolls came in are quite well made - this jacket is lined!

It's this one!  You can see in the photo there is a line around her upper chest. This is where the head comes off.  In the photo below, you can see the button release mechanism.


All of her extra heads. Oh wouldn't it be good to be able to put a new head on that came with a completely different hair style!

 Pigtails head and the little stand that the heads are stored on.

Back view of Pigtails Head.

Beyonce Head?

Lovely Thick Long Hair Head.

All the dolls have c Mattel on the back of their heads and c 1999 Mattel Inc on their backs. I haven't done any research to see exactly when these dolls were made except to check the Mattel website which wasn't any help. I think the quality of these 6 dolls is wonderful and their hair is divine. I don't think I will have to do much to restore their hair.  The fabric that they are posing against is a cotton poplin from Spotlight which I am aiming to make into a shirt for me at some stage. I am halfway through making a summer top from some divine Liberty Tana Lawn cotton (for me). I took the photos of my Connie Crawford shirt but they came out really dark so I will have to take the photos again - but not today!

If you like posts about doll hair as a feature of the doll, have a read of Nymphea's post on 'hair themed dolls', it is excellent!  If you want to see the advertisement for the My Scene Swappin Styles dolls, click here.

Thanks for making it this far in this pic heavy post. You might have noticed that I have added "'n dolls" to my blog title. The dolls appear to have taken over this blog and so I thought I had better change the blog title to reflect that. Nymphea suggested making up a new blog for my dolly stories, and while I am very tempted, I just don't think I could keep two blogs going.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie! Love the fabric you used for the background! It's just adorable, it will make a great garment! Wow, these dolls are so beautiful, especially the one with the removable head. I've never seen this doll before! Yeah, imagine that, a few heads to choose from in the morning, that would be very convenient :-D. Poor Bootsie, with all that fur in these kind of temperatures... She/he is lying in my cat Hailey's favourite pose, winter and summer, hahaha! Thanks for the link, that's very sweet of you. X

Lizzie said...

I like modern dolls more and more these days. They are easier to get in Australia and I don't have to pay the crazy postage prices they are charging now on ebay to post from the U.S. to here. You hair post was great and very informative. Bootsie is a he. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Lizzie, I made a link to your blog and doll hair treatment post for blogger colleague Tiggy. Hope you have a cooler week than the previous ones, here the weather is so-so (more a kind of of fall weather, but that's better than 40+ degrees.

Lizzie said...

Oh thanks for the link. I had a look at Tiggy's blog and it is so cute. I have not used the fabric softener on an old doll as i am not sure it is safe to do so. There are products from a company called Twin Pines in the US that would be safe to use on antique and vintage doll hair. I haven't used them so I can't say what they are like but I am sure they would be safe.

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