Monday, February 3, 2014

Dolls! 1972 Madame Alexander Elise Bride Doll

This spooky little bride is all hard plastic with a slightly softer plastic face. She is in reasonable condition with only a small tear at the bottom of her veil. She still has her bouquet and hang tag.

She is not exactly a glowing bride is she!  Perhaps a distant cousin of Chuky?

The hair is in really good condition and is of good quality.  You can see the Madame Alexander tag stitched into her dress:

Back view, in all her tulle and lace glory.

She is not one of my favourite dolls, and I have thought of selling her at times as she is huge and I don't really have the room to display her.  But every time I look at these photos I think that I will keep her a little longer.

I also have an Elise Ballerina from about 1984 and she doesn't have the spooky doll look as much as the Bride:

Elise is on the left in the pink tutu

For anyone wanting to research Madame Alexander dolls since 1965, the book by Patricia Smith called 'Madame Alexander dolls 1965 - 1990' (Collector Books 1991) is an excellent resource with good quality photos of hundreds and hundreds of dolls.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Elise's eyes are stunning! The Madame Alexander dolls have such lovely faces, I don't own any, but would like to someday. You have a beautiful ballerina collection too!

Lizzie said...

Yes, Madame Alexander dolls from these earlier times were quite beautiful and of good quality. I am very lucky to have the old MA ballerina doll, she is one of my favourites.

AudraBark1 said...

How big is she? I thought she was small until you said she was huge, or is it just her bridal attire that makes her take up space. I love the old MA ballerina doll!

Lizzie said...

I think she is 18 inches tall but I will have to get out the tape measure to make sure. It is her bride's outfit that takes up the room and if you spread out her veil she is huge! Sorry for the confusion! Her face is not as pretty as the old MA ballerina in my opinion, but I guess this look was popular at the time.

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