Monday, February 24, 2014

Dolls! The Olsen Twins/ Triplets Have Had their Makeover

This is the after photo of the Olsen dollies I got from the Op Shop before Christmas.   These Mattel dolls do capture the real Olsen twins likeness in my opinion.

Pity the twins are not smiling in this photo so we can do a better comparison of the likeness:
Ashley Mary-Kate Olsen 2011 Shankbone 2.jpg
Picture of the Olsen Twins from Wikipedia
The hair on the blonde Olsens turned out nicely, but it isn't of great quality and a lot of it came out.  Both blonde dollies lost hair as it was so knotty before hand and took a lot of 'aggressive' combing to get the knots out (especially the one that had nail polish in her hair).  Strangely the brunette Olsen has much better quality hair which didn't come out anywhere as much as the blonde Olsens. Not sure why they made this doll in the two different hair colours; perhaps they change their hair colours a lot?

Two blonde Olsens before their makeover

Smooth hair after makeover
 Here are all of the girls to receive their makeovers.  I still have the Crissy family dolls to complete and show you when they are finished. I am afraid I have a bad story to tell you about one of these dolls, as I had a failure with her hair - my first one!!  She isn't too bad and I did learn something in the process.

'Days of Our Lives' style photo with a Barbie


Anonymous said...

The Olsen twins dolls do look very much like the real girls. The dolls are very cute, smiling like that and with a neat hairdo :-). I hope the hair damage to the Ideal dollies is not to severe!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, type mistake, I mean dollie (single) :-D.

Lizzie said...

Hi Nymphaea, the damage is not too bad as it is confined to the ends. I will do a show and tell post when I have finished her backless mini dress.

AudraBark1 said...

I was going to suggest a rewigging for the hair failure but if it's only on the ends, maybe a haircut?

And yes, the dolls do look a lot like the real girls!

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