Monday, March 3, 2014

Connie Crawford Shirt Butterick 5300

Here is my finished Connie Crawford shirt made with Butterick 5300, view B.  I used a Japanese spot seersucker that I bought from the sale table at Spotlight last July.  I finished it in early January just in time for the extreme hot weather we have been having here.

According to Butterick's website, it is now out of print.


I like this pattern because it is more realistic sizing and it comes with different pattern pieces for the front to choose from, according to your bust size. The finished shirt was a little large across the front, so I will try the next size down next time I make this.

Cute round collar.
 The pattern has side slits:

Back view:

I have had some very busy weekends, so I haven't got any Crissy doll clothes to show you, but it is coming soon!

A huge thankyou to Maverika for following my blog!


Anonymous said...

Lovely blouse, I like the collar very much too. It must be looking very pretty with a jeans as well as a skirt!

Lizzie said...

Thankyou Nymphaea, I have only worn it to work but it would look good with jeans. I will try wearing it like that soon.

AudraBark1 said...

You make such lovely clothing, Lizzie, for humans as well as dollies. I always have a difficult time with collars and they never look quite right. Luckily the dolls don't complain!

Lizzie said...

Thankyou Audra for your kind compliments. The shirt had good instructions for the collar. I have finished my Crissy doll dress so I will be blogging about that next.

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