Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dolls! Hello, and a Tale of 10 Crissy Family Dolls

Hi!  I am back!  I had a shocker of a year last year on so many levels that I could not get to blogging.  I wasn't doing much doll stuff and not too interested really.  Didn't stop me from buying the odd doll or two though!

This mostly scruffy line-up is all of my Ideal Crissy family and friends that I went out and bought when I read Nymphaea's posts about the wonderful makeovers she did on hers.  Nymphaea, if you are out there, I hope you see my post.  I really miss your blogging and comments on my blog too.

Anyway, I was at a trash and treasure market recently, and I spied a Brandi in her original, if not battered, swimsuit.  The seller would not budge on anything less than $20.00, but that was pretty good as once I got her home and took her hair out of the plait, I could see it was in good condition.  I will still wash it though to freshen it up and straighten the foundation hair.  Anyway, I remembered having a Country Crissy, and do you think I could find her in the mess in my spare rooms?  I took one room apart to find her and found a lot of other dolls too.  I found all of these Crissy family dolls, and counted 9 in total, which I thought was fairly good going.  And I got to re-arrange my dolls in storage, and even make more space in the spare rooms.

This photo got a bit lightened for some reason.
Country Crissy, who started the Great Doll Clean-Up
This is the Brandi that I got from the market last weekend. She still has her tattoo.  I have already made my other Brandi (see first photo, top right) a maxi dress, and I will have to think what to dress this one in.  Perhaps a beach set to wear over her swimsuit?  I am particularly fond of the Brandi dolls, I am not sure why.  She just looks so tanned, healthy and happy.

I am not sure who this one is in the orange spotted over-alls, but a quick check of Beth's site makes her look like a Tara.  Her hair is a mess and the base foundation hair has been trimmed as has the extension.  I will still give her a mini makeover though. 
This ratty little ghost at the front has an badly matted hair extension.  I am going to struggle dealing with this one, but I had some success with my first Brandi when I did the wet towel and warm iron technique (until I over-did it a bit and frizzed the ends). 

I was packing up the dolls in the not as messy spare rooms, and found this little rotter - a Cinnamon!  So I posed her with all of my "good" Crissy family dolls who arrived in good condition, or I did makeovers.  She still needs a good wash and her hair cleaned, but that is a job for another day.  So that makes my collection of these dolls come in at 10, hence the name of this post.  Nothing wrong with round numbers!

Phew, that felt good to do a blog post!  Hopefully you will see more of me this year.  Please stop by and leave a comment, I would like to hear from you!!



Serenata said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad year, hopefully this year will be much better for you. Lovely to see you posting again..

This post brought back some fond memories of my Chrissy family and friends collection I had that I sold a couple or so years ago. I had Tressy, Chrissy, Brandi, Country Chrissy, Cinnamon, the blonde girl whose name escapes me at the moment - not sure how many I had in total at one time.

Enjoy and have fun with their makeovers.

Lizzie said...

Hi Serenata they are sweet dolls, and I blame Serenata for making me get 10 of them!! Thanks for your best wishes, I am feeling positive about this year and can't wait to do some dolly makeovers. Don't know why but I love doing them.

Lizzie said...

Oooops, I meant to say I blame Nymphaea! Sorry about that Serenata.

Madame E. F. HodgePodgery said...

Those are lovely, nice collection!
I especially love the ones on the far right and far left!

Lizzie said...

Hi Madame EFH, thanks, that is Brandi the Californian friend on the right who I did a makeover on and Irish Kerry on the far left. Irish Kerry has a very striking face mold I think. Thanks for visiting!

Madame E. F. HodgePodgery said...

Oh yes, love the face mold!
I am also loving the long red-ish haired one, third over from the left.
I want to say I have one or two that is not like these but made kind of similar. :-)
My pleasure!

Lizzie said...

That is Crissy. She was the first doll Ideal released and she was so popular that they gradually introduced all the others. I have done a couple of posts on my Crissy and Brandi makeovers. Have a look under the Crissy Family link on the right hand side of the web view of my blog to see clearer pics of her. I tried to join your blog but google asked for a public profile so i didn't go ahead.

Madame E. F. HodgePodgery said...

I think she is probably my favorite.
Thank you, I shall!
Thank you anyways! I am not sure why it would require that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie! First of all, have a great 2016, I wish you all the best in this new year! I'm so glad you're blogging again, I missed you! Wow, I'm so glad I'm to blame for this wonderful collection you now have of Crissy and friends, they look awesome :-). I look forward to your posts this year, so happy you're back! Many hugs and greetings from ex-Nymphaea (and I hope to welcome you on my new blog too) xxx Linda

Lizzie said...

Hi Linda I am so glad I found you! And I am glad you are blogging again too, I missed your posts. I still have some work to do on most of these little ladies, especially the ones with the ratty matted hair. Hugs back from sunny Australia xx

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