Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dolls! I Am Back Again, and a Few Recent Doll Finds

I have no real excuse for not blogging except for some fairly large changes to my personal commitments and a dreadful state of apathy.  I have been on holidays for just on 2 weeks so I thought it was time to do a new post. I certainly haven't been remiss in obtaining new dolls, and the pic above shows 3 of the latest.  Before we get into the details on these three ladies, a big thankyou to Nymphaea, now Night Owl for stopping by to see how I am.  And thankyou to Audra for keeping in touch as well when I wasn't a very good email correspondent.
I have a slight case of Barbie fever at the moment.  My better half did a deal and bought a huge bag of 63 Barbies from an op-shop for me as a surprise.  The middle dark haired dolly is from this bag, and the two blondes are from an auction on ebay of 1980's Barbie doll cases, dolls and clothes. The auction was badly presented, and you couldn't see the clothes in much detail, but I had a hunch that it was a good find, so I put in some bids and won.
I am 99 per cent sure that this Barbie is a Crystal Barbie from 1983.  I found a cheap copy of  Collectibly Yours Barbie Doll Indentification & Price Guide 1980 - 1990 by Margo Rana and so far I have identified 3 dolls from my ebay auction win.
I tried very hard to flatten her hair, but then I realised that these dolls had their long hair tied to one side. I am going to have to find some Barbie sized elastic bands or use some sewing thread to pull her hair to the side.
I nearly forgot the before shot for these dollies!
I am really happy that firstly the ebay auction dolls have their original outfits and that I was able to identify them using Margo Rana's book.  I am waiting on one that covers the 1990's decade of Barbie dolls as I have a lot more to identify.
Crystal Barbie has a lovely face don't you think?
The dolly on the far right is a Barbie using the Stacie face.  I have found this information on another collectors site, not in one of my reference books, so I would like to confirm this before I say it is a Barbie for sure.
I think this Stacie Barbie has a particularly lovely face and kind of looks more natural than your average Barbie from the 80's.  She is wearing the original tagged Barbie garment that came with this doll.  I nearly tossed it in the 'not really interested pile' because it is fairly plain. She is missing quite a few hair plugs on one side of her head.
The dolly in the middle is a 2000's Barbie My Scene doll and I think she is Nolee.  She is larger than your average Barbie doll, but she still managed to fit in this Barbie doll dress.  She has the most humungous applied hair eye lashes ever. I am planning of getting rid of the pen or ink mark on her face with acne cream.  Her previous owner gave her an uneven hair cut, but I kind of like it!
She photographs well, don't you think?
Hope to be back again soon with more dolly news.
P.s I am even making a summer dress (for me) from voile, hope to blog about that too.  It has moved into the hot weather here now.


Isabelle said...

It looks like you scored some very nice dolls.

Lizzie said...

Thanks Isabelle :) Barbie's are small and you can always fit another one in to your collection.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie, good to read you! Wow, you have an awesome better half, 63 Barbies, that's a great present! Crystal Barbie has one of my favorite Barbie faces, she looks very sweet and pretty. I think your Stacey face Barbie has actually a Steffie face if I look at the pictures. Any way, she's lovely! Looking forward to your new voile dress too :-).

Anonymous said...

PS: here is a link to the face molds:

AudraBark1 said...

Wow, your Better Half is a real doll! Mine might find me sewing machines but he would draw the line at dollies. Especially that many. What fun to go through and identify them all.

And thanks, Night Owl, for the link. Now we need a Barbie Clone identification site. Sorry to see you're not blogging any more but I totally understand.

Good score, Lizzie, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your dolls and clothes.

Anonymous said...

I use the rubberbands from my kids braces (orthodontist) ones.

Lizzie said...

Hi Audra,
Yes he's not half bad! We are going to try and get a special reproduction first issue Barbie doll today at Myer but I don't like my chances of getting one!

I will email you soon.
Lizzie xo

Lizzie said...

Hi Anonymous
Thanks for the tip. I have heard of that, I should try and find some.
Thanks for stopping by!

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