Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dolls! Vintage 1980's Drink Wet Doll

When I saw this lovely doll looking a bit worse for wear in a suburban op shop last year, I could not resist her.  She was very grubby but otherwise in good nick.
Her lashes have been trimmed a little and her left pigtail has had a bit of a trim too.  As she has a lot of soft hair, you can't really notice it too much.  Her hair is quite good quality and is lovely and soft.
She has sleep eyes.
I made her a little bloomers and top outfit using one of my old patterns, and modified it to fit her.  She is 15 inches high and I thought I could use the pattern for that size, but I had to upgrade her to the 20 inch doll size so that everything would fit her baby's stomach.
She is a funny little doll with her abundant hair and a baby's body, but I love her anyway.

Alas, I have too many dolls, so she is up for sale on etsy and ebay.
I am making a hoodie at the moment using a KwikSew pattern and using a sweatshirt fabric with large cat's heads printed on a grey background. Sounds weird but I like it.  I needed some hoodies to wear to the pool and just lounging about or down at the shops, and thought I would have a go at making some.  Spotlight had a lot of this kind of fabric on sale recently, so I bought various prints to make 4 hoodies!  I will do a show and tell soon.  I wanted to make something in a stretch fabric as I have lost 3.1 kilos since the beginning of the year and don't want to make anything too fitted as I lose more weight.  I have a fair bit more to lose but I already feel a lot better.  We have had a hot and humid summer here in Australia and I have felt pretty uncomfortable so that was the final push I needed to have another go at losing some weight.
Hope you are all well and happy stitching and doing dolly things.


AudraBark1 said...

She's a little cutie! I like stretch fabrics (both for me and my dolls). You don't have to be so exact with it.

Lizzie said...

She is lovely but no one bid on her so I have organised a whole lot of clothes and baby accessories and put them in a big pink box as a gift for my niece who is mad about baby dolls at the moment. The hoodie worked well by the way and i have another one cut out ready to sew. Thankgoodness for stretch fabric as i have lost another kilo.

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