Monday, March 28, 2011

Sewing Again, and a Word About Muslins/Calicos/Toiles

1990's version of Burda 3197
 Gosh! I can't believe it, I had some time this weekend to cut out a top using a way out of print Burda pattern 3197. I didn't have to do a muslin because I had already made up the top when it first came out, which I think was some time in the 1990's. I just loved it at the time, and wore it a lot.

I don't know if the stretch sewing world has moved on since then, but it has separate pieces for facings around the neck line, so I am going to do that again as they worked quite well on this first go of the top. I used special iron on interfacing that stretches with the fabric. The neckline has a good shape to it too. I have found that nearly every Burda pattern that I have tried from their catalogue range has fitted really well.

What do you think of the fabric? I got it at Crafty Mammas, an Australian online fabric store. I have a feeling it is meant for children, but I think I can just get away with it. As it is a kind of test of my skills using the overlocker for more than just finishing edges (yes, I am going to sew as much of this top using this scary machine), if it looks a little strange, I will just wear it around the house.

I have just received my delivery of stretch fabric from Knit Wit, so the plan is to make some more tops.

A big big thankyou to that sewer extraordinaire from Sydney, Kristy of lower your presser foot who kindly did a post in response to my query about how she does her muslins. She has some really good tips, so check it out. I am doing these test garments more and more these days to avoid wrecking lovely fabric. It takes so much longer, but is worth it in the long run. I doubt a professional sewer would proceed without making one for their client, so I don't know why we home sewers do, and expect to get the same good fit.

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Tany said...

I love the fabric, it reminds me of one fabric I used for a dress 3 or 4 years ago (I still wear it in the summer!)

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