Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dolls! Jacket for my 1950's 21 inch Sweet Sue Doll and the Pierre Cardin Connection

Here is my Sweet Sue doll in her new jacket. I have been wondering whether I will put the 3 buttons down the front, as called for in the original pattern, and  have decided I will. I searched right through my button jar but could not find the right ones, so I will have to get some this week. I won't have to rush though because she is going off to the doll hospital tomorrow to get new eyes! The 'doctor' said he has some from an old doll that should do the job.

To recap, this is a copy of the original 1950's pattern that I used. I made the dress too - you can see what it looks like here.

And here is the back view:

And finally, just to make sure you can see how wide the jacket is cut from waist to hem:

Now you are probably wondering about the 'Pierre Cardin' in this post title. Well, on Boxing Day, I dragged my poor tired self back into the city to go to the Clegs remnants sale. I had never been before, and spent a pretty penny by the time I got to the checkout. I nearly put this fabric that I used for Sweet Sue's jacket back, but decided against it at the last minute. A week later when I was undoing the remnant, I pulled out the piece of paper with the details of the fabric content and care instructions, and there in black and white was Pierre Cardin as the designer!! And just in case you missed it, it is woven (not printed) into the selvage of the fabric. An added bonus is that the fabric was made in Italy. I almost decided against using such an illustrious design house's fabric for this doll, and figured that as she is 50+ years old, she is worth it!

And for those readers that have come at the end of this dolly make-over, here are the before and after shots:


Now I am thinking about getting a price on a more appropriate wig for her. More on that later!

Happy Sewing!


AudraBark1 said...

That is a beautiful jacket! I am planning to make Lorraine a similar type coat, only maybe not so full. And while I will put buttons on it, I don't dare attempt buttonholes but will probably put snaps behind the buttons.

Lizzie said...

It is a great vintage pattern isn't it. There are no button holes on this pattern, just snaps behind the buttons. Lizzie.

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